June 20, 2011

GBK: Part II - Take a look inside Army's S&C

GoBlackKnights.com takes another look inside the Strength & Conditioning program for the Black Knights of Army.

Unlike other programs across the nation, who typically have all their players under one roof for their summer S&C workouts … Coach Gerch and his team must manage what others would view as a logistical nightmare, but what is common place amongst the Army coaching staff and players.

"Most guys are gone for the summer, but there are a few that are still around," says Gerch, when speaking of some the players that remain on the grounds of West Point for various assignments.


"We just now had about 10 of our upper classmen for the Buckner Cadre who are now at Camp Buckner," says Gerch. "They are there for 2 weeks before the rising sophomores report, so they can learn the nuances and teach the sophomores what they are doing out there."

"They got out there this past Friday and we (S&C) had them and they had three workouts since Friday. We are working them out everyday up through July 1st."

Those players are allotted some rest, but very little as Gerch points out. "They have a little rest, but they get in some running, lifts and there's a recovery day … followed by stretching and core stuff."

Some of the players on hand have been slotback Malcolm Brown, quarterback Trent Steelman, center Will Wilson, offensive lineman Matt Villanti, along with Parker Whitten.

In addition to the aforementioned players, Antuan Aaron, Steve Erzinger and Nate Combs are presently doing SGR (Summer Garrison Regiment), where they have enough free time to make their way up to the Kimsely Athletic Center to workout every day.

You can add another 10 players who are on campus as part of their roles as Beast Cadre, where they are preparing to be squad leader and other jobs. Such players as offensive guard Frank Allen, defensive lineman A.J. Mackey and backup corner Waverly Washington to name a few.

Then you have those players who, along with Gerch himself that will start shipping off, where the S&C staff will begin managing portions of the program remotely, while still maintaining face to face training.

"I leave Sunday to go out to Fort Benning," Gerch shares with GoBlackKnights.com. "We will have about 8 guys out of Fort Benning and I will be down there for 3 weeks working them out and another 5 guys down at Fort Sill starting on Saturday."

"Actually, no one will be going to Sill and Kevin () staying and taking all the Buckner and Beast lifts."

We have already had a couple of CTLT (Cadet Troop Leader Training) and we just got finish STAP last week, where we had about 15 - 20 guys here for the first block of the summer.

Much like Benning and Sill which will be staring here this week, a couple of guys just finished CTLT in Fort Hood and Fort Carson. We didn't have anyone out there with them, it was a fairly small group, so we sent them the work and they did it on their own.

On The Horizon

Once Buckner is done and CTLT is done, the last two weeks of July, the team will report for PIAT so we will get them the last two weeks of the month before camp starts. Get the team back together, some good workout in and work on their position stuff. For most of July, because will be going on, we will have mass athletic.

That is when the freshmen will come up and we will teach various exercises in the weight room, and teach the warm before the game, so they will have an idea before we roll into camp (August 1st).

Stay tune for Part III of our series, as will discuss the transition of the incoming plebe class in the mainstream of the Black Knights' S&C, along which player have really stood out according to Gerch and much more.

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