November 16, 2010

No suspensions forthcoming

Georgia athletic director Greg McGarity responded to question about Auburn's Nick Fairley with one of his own during an interview with UGASports prior to Tuesday night's basketball game against visiting Colorado.

Earlier in the afternoon, the SEC office announced it would not be levying any suspension against the Tigers' defensive tackle, whose personal foul against Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray following a helmet to the small of the back caused an uproar in the Bulldog Nation and questions of "dirty play" from some in national media.

However, the league did not see it that way.

In an email to UGASports, SEC Associate Commissioner Charles Bloom confirmed that Fairley would not be suspended for any portion of Auburn's upcoming game next week with Alabama.

McGarity had not heard the news when asked.

"They're not going to suspend him?" asked McGarity, who added that he suspects head coach Mark Richt spoke with the league office about the game.

Otherwise, McGarity had little comment about the league's decision.

As of Tuesday evening, McGarity said Georgia had not heard from either the league office or anyone from Auburn University, including athletic director Jay Jacobs.

"We leave those things up to the league to look at and make a decision on. At the end of the day, it's out of our control," McGarity said. "Mark and his coaches have put that game to bed, we've said all that needs to be said and we're moving onto Georgia Tech and things of that nature. It was an SEC decision and it really doesn't matter if we agree with it or not. It is the decision. We'll just move on and take care of our own business."

McGarity, who attended the game, said he has yet to see a replay of the game.

"I saw the game live, I haven't seen a tape, but bottom line it is up to the SEC to make those calls," McGarity said. "At the end of the day, that's just the deal."

In regards to the handful of Georgia players who left the bench during the brief dustup late in Saturday's game, Bloom said there would be no suspensions forthcoming.

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