September 29, 2010

Time flying for Brignone

J.C. Brignone has gone through a lot over the past few years. The Mississippi State senior center has lost his home in Hurricane Katrina, lost his father, gotten married and became a father himself.

But one thing Brignone has had a hard time grasping is how quickly time can fly and that his final season as a Bulldog is nearly halfway over.

"It's starting to sink in big time now," Brignone said. "Me and my wife have been talking about it. It's not scary but it's real nerve-wracking. It's crazy that five years have already gone by and already now the fifth game is about to be played. I know that I have a wife and a daughter and time flies but I never thought my season would fly like this. I tell those young guys who say they don't know how they are going to do it all four or five years that before you know it, it will be gone."

Brignone has appeared in 39 games at MSU earning 28 consecutive starting calls. But his senior campaign may be his best season yet in maroon and white.

"I think the season has been going pretty well," Brignone said. "I've been playing real hard and my (blocking) grades have been well. I've been trying to get them above 90-percent every game from now on. My goal was to keep them above an 85 and I've done that but now that I am almost to the halfway point of the season I want to keep them above 90. Since we are getting into the depth of the SEC I need to play my best and lead my best also."

The 6-foot-1, 300-pounder and the other four offensive linemen all graded out as champions this past week against Georgia.

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