September 22, 2010

Big-time recruit discusses visit to Tech

Virginia Tech had a number of recruits on campus for the victory over East Carolina this past weekend. Amongst those was a big-time recruit that the Hokies are in pursuit for. What did he think about the trip?

"The visit went really well," Wadesboro (N.C.) Anson linebacker Stephone Anthony said. "I got a chance to meet all the coaches and it was a great visit. It was good to get reacquainted with the guys again.

"The biggest thing that was different this time was the facilities. They just got the new building and the players just moved into it. It was real nice."

Anthony went further about the Hokies new locker room.

"Oh man, it was real nice," he said. "The boys are going to enjoy that. I really liked that they had TV screens all over the place. It was what I expected those guys to get."

Of course, like every trip to Blacksburg, Anthony met with his cousin, Barquell Rivers.

"I hung out with him all day and we just talked to the fellas. He tells me what he always does, trying to get me to come to Tech. He mentioned he will hopefully be back by the NC State game, but made no promises.

"Aside from Barquell, I got a chance to talk to Davon Morgan, Bruce Taylor, Lyndell Gibson and Eddie Whitley. They all just told me how great a place Tech was."

Meanwhile, the No. 25 prospect in the nation got more time with defensive coordinator Bud Foster as well.

"Oh man, it was good to be around Coach Foster," he said. "He's a high-energy guy and is really cool. You know he'll coach you and I got a chance to see that more.

"He talked to me and was happy I was up there, happy to see me. I'll put it in his words, he told me, he plans to be at Tech. He also talked to me about playing Lyndell Gibson's backer spot. I thought it was pretty good. I liked what I saw from it and it gives you the chance to make plays and be an athlete on defense."

Prior to this visit, Anthony's last game came in Blacksburg was the Orange/Maroon spring game. How was it being back for a real game?

"It was impressive again," he said. "They got a much needed win and the crowd was there. I really liked the atmosphere."

Before heading back home, the four-star prospect met with head coach Frank Beamer.

"We just talked about how Virginia Tech was a great place and about me coming in," he stated. "He told me I have a chance to play and told me what he thought about me."

So, the visit obviously went well, but how well exactly?

"I really enjoyed the trip, it was just good to get up there again," he said. "I can't really say where it puts Tech, it kind of evens out for me with Florida until I get back up there. It was just the atmosphere and being around the guys, around the coaches more."

Anthony plans to head back down to Florida this weekend for the Kentucky game on an unofficial visit.

Meanwhile, the season has been good for Anthony even though his team has struggled a bit.

"We are 1-3 and it's been tough right now," he said. "We've had close losses, but the defense is playing well. We keep fighting.

"I'm playing really well, I'm playing a lot faster than last year. I'm averaging 15 tackles a game and I just set the school record for interceptions with 19 or 20 in my career. I'm also playing running back and have like five touchdowns rushing."

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