September 17, 2010

Posey hopes to beat Ohio, brother

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COLUMBUS, Ohio - Ohio State junior wide receiver DeVier Posey remembers the days battling with his elder brother, Julian Posey, in the family home's backyard.

Every game was the Super Bowl, whether it is basketball, football, or just some simple physical contest. Every game was a must win - all for the satisfaction of getting the better of the other one.

"Just to have bragging rights," DeVier said. "Coming in to the dinner table and looking across the dinner table and being able to say 'I beat you' that day is a great feeling."

During their battles in the family home in the Cincinnati area, it was a quite peaceful environment. There were no crowds and nothing on the line but that long stare across the dinner table.

On Saturday the brothers will square off just like they did up to a decade ago, but this game won't be the same. The stakes are on a whole other level.

DeVier Posey is now the No. 1 receiver for the No. 2-ranked Ohio State football team and his brother, a fifth-year senior, is the No. 1 cornerback for the Ohio Bobcats, who will invade the Horseshoe on Saturday afternoon.

"It's going to be intense," DeVier said. "It's probably going to be the most intense game I've ever played in just because I know the guy going across from me is going to be going 120 percent every play just because he doesn't want to get embarrassed."

This isn't the first time Ohio State and Ohio will matchup with both Posey brothers on the team, but back in 2008 when the Bobcats almost pulled the upset in the Horseshoe, both players were limited in playing time by their roles as reserve players.

But this time, both players coming in as standout players for their respective teams, and DeVier understands that they'll continually line up against each other for the majority of the game.

DeVier loved looking into his brother's eyes at the dinner table on those days he happened to be victorious. On Saturday, he'll look into Julian's eyes before the majority of the game's snaps.

"I'll probably laugh or smile a little bit until he hits me in the face, or I'll hit him in the face," DeVier said. "And then it'll probably be pretty serious from there. Thinking back to our one-on-one basketball games in the backyard, there's not really a lot of trash talking, because you know how bad you really want to beat him.

"I remember the last time we played during my freshman year," he continued. "He told me he was going to line up and hit me in my face for all of the times he left the living room and I stole the remote, or I took his seat when we were at the dinner table."

The Buckeyes are coming off their biggest non-conference win in four years and remain unbeaten on the season, presumably still on course to compete for this year's national title.

And while the Posey battle is huge for both the brothers, DeVier has his fellow wide receivers in on the battle, too. Not only to help the Buckeyes stay unbeaten, but Ohio State's players want the bragging rights as well.

"We can't give Julian anything to talk about when he comes in," said senior Buckeye receiver Dane Sanzenbacher. "We all know him and are friends with him, too. I have to have No. 8's back."

With Julian in his senior year, DeVier knows this could quite possibly be the last time the two brothers battle in this type of way for the rest of their lives. This game may not only be for bragging rights in 2010, but for decades into the future.

"It's going to be fun because (Julian) is a good player and he knows his brother as well as anyone," Tressel said. "So I told DeVier, 'If big brother shuts you down, it's going to be a long lifetime for you.'"

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