September 8, 2010

Russell Wilson turns attention to UCF

Redshirt junior quarterback Russell Wilson met with the media following practice on Wednesday to recap the Western Carolina game and talk about the Pack's next opponent, Central Florida.

The two teams last met in 2007 at Carter-Finley Stadium, when Wilson was redshirting. After jumping out to a 25-3 halftime lead, the Golden Knights allowed 20 unanswered points but still held on for the win.

Both teams head into the 2010 showdown coming off of big, week one wins. Wilson leads the Pack to Orlando after torching Western Carolina for 306 yards and four touchdowns. Here is a full transcript of Wilson's ten minute sit down with the media.

How would you grade the offense out after WCU?

How would I grade the offense? I wouldn't really put a grade on it, I think we need to get better. We're a work in progress, we got to keep pushing and getting better as a team.

Better in which ways?

Every way, every facet of the game. We want to be perfect on every play, every pass, every run, every block, everything.

What have you seen out of UCF on film?

They have a lot of experience more than anything, they've played a lot of games and we have, too, as an offense. At the same time, they're a great defense, they have a lot of speed and are physical.

Are the linebackers the strength of the defense?

I think it's everybody. If you really look at it, they've got great players on the defensive line, linebackers and secondary so it should be a good game.

Last year, the offense had a tough go against South Carolina. This season, you put up 48 against WCU, is it better to have a game like WCU to gain some confidence?

Last year, we could've won that game but that was last year. It's always nice to get that first win and focus on getting the next one then the next one after that and so on.

How did you feel you played?

I felt I played pretty good. I can always get better, that's the way I always look at it. No matter how many completions or incompletions I throw, I always think that I can get better and do better.

Coach Tom O'Brien said he thought you were rusty, did you feel rusty?

I didn't feel rusty at all. I don't feel rusty, I'm just trying to focus on getting better, trying to help out the team the best way I can, no matter how it is. I'm trying to be 100 percent on every play.

Have you seen that type of play out of T.J. Graham in practice?

Yeah, I've seen that kind of play out of T.J. since the beginning. He's a great player, he's working hard and getting better and everybody else is working hard and trying to get better, as well.

Talk about this team's first road game. How do you think the team will do in that circumstance?

I think we've got a great coaching staff, they get everybody relaxed and explain how everything's going. Everything is clear cut, where you need to be and when you need to be there. The organization half of it is all ready to go and then you just got to relax once you get out there onto the field, 100 yards is 100 yards, it doesn't matter where you play and when you play it.

You go down on Friday, how is Saturday spent?

We relax, eat breakfast, sometimes watch a little more film, go through the playbook and every once in a while, watch a little college gameday and just kind of get the feel.

How did you think Dean Haynes and Mustafa Greene did in their first game?

They did a great job, they need to get better, as well and keep pushing themselves. I think they are going to be great running backs for us.

Did you have to direct traffic back there for them?

No, they know where to be and how to get there.

Pass blocking and everything was OK?

Yeah, they did a great job.

George Bryan said that when the offense is executing, the offense is unstoppable. Do you feel that way?

Yes, if you're executing, that means positive things are happening. I think that you have to take it one play at a time, and just try to be successful on that one play. Once you are successful on that one play, forget about it and move on to the next one and stay focused on the now. When we do that, we're really successful.

Coach pointed out that [four offensive linemen] had never started in a college game before. Can you talk about what they did?

The offensive line has definitely done a great job so far through camp and, in the first game, they did a great job. They are seeing things well, our center is calling it out, where we need to go and we're just kind of rolling from there. I think that they did a great job and are just trying to get better every day.

Most people saw that as the biggest question mark going in, did you feel that way?

We have a lot of talent in the offensive line, they are real athletic guys. They are big guys but athletic and smart guys. They want to know the game better, they are just competing and working, we've got a lot more games left so they've got a lot more progress to make, just like I've got a lot of progress to make so it's all positive things.

Robert Crisp was playing as a true freshman at the most important spot, left tackle. Talk about him and how he handled that.

Robert Crisp is real professional about everything that he does, he focuses on what he needs to do every day and takes everything serious, tries to get better at it. Every once in a while, he'll mess up or do something wrong, just because he's young but, at the same time, he'll move on and focus on the next play, being aggressive. That's the thing I see about him and his athletic ability.

That's the toughest thing about playing as a freshman, right, just moving on?

Definitely, that's the main thing, you've just got to move on and focus on one play at a time.

Are you this calm in the huddle?

I try to be.

Is this how you talk in the huddle?

I have to talk a little bit louder because it's so loud. I try to be relaxed and stay focused on what we need to do. When we do that, we're usually pretty successful.

There's no barking in the huddle, everything is pretty business-like?

Every once in a while, you have to pull guys together when the game gets to you and people are pushing each other. You have to pull them back to the huddle and say lets focus on us but those are usually rivalry games or something big is going on.

What was the mindset of the offense after WCU drove for a touchdown on the opening drive?

I'm not worried about [the defense]. There's a lot of plays to be played. We have a lot of confidence in our offense, a lot of confidence in our defense and a lot of confidence in our special teams. That's because we've been working at it so hard. I think that's a testament to putting the hard work in every day, competing every day and I think our coaching staff has done a great job with that, as well as the players.

Trust on both sides?

Yeah, definitely.

When the schedule came out, did you look at this stretch coming up?

Yeah, definitely. When you play in the ACC, you have a lot of games that are big-time games, home and away. That's the best part about it. It's exciting, it's a big-time game every week.

Is it good to start out with these non-conference games?

Right now, I'm not focused on all that. Of course it's exciting to play against Big Ten [teams], ACC [teams], you always want to win those but you've got to win this one first. You can't look ahead too far, you've got to focus on this one, focus on Thursday's practice and get ready to roll.

Against WCU, 11 different receivers caught a ball. Can you talk about the importance of spreading the ball around?

That's a positive thing, they don't know who to cover, really. We've got so many guys that have so much talent and can get open and make plays for us on every play basically. I think getting the ball to a lot of different is always good.

Going into the first road trip, do you feel all the traveling you did this summer with baseball will help you on the road?

Yeah but not really. I've been on the road to big-time games before, in terms of football. It's no different, like I said earlier, it's 100 yards, it doesn't matter if it's home or away. They will be cheering against us, instead of for us but it doesn't really matter, it's the same noise.

With so many receivers, how many times do you go to the sidelines and they're saying, 'how about me?'

No, they never do that. They all want the ball, obviously, and I want to throw it to all of them if I could but I can't.

Going back to the 2007 game, are you looking at it at all?

No, not really. I haven't looked at it. I looked at film from this year and from the year before just to get a feel of their players and stuff like that.

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