August 25, 2010

New weapons in Cardinal arsenal

Corey Gatewood

Talk about the move to wide receiver, was it a case of you looking at the depth chart over there and seeing an opportunity?
Yeah, every move we make we are trying to win a championship. Anywhere I can be used on the field I definitely want to be able to help the team. Owusu is down, Drew is down, and there weren't many wideouts, so I came over, and I getting a lot of reps. Picking up the playbook quite well. So there is definitely an opportunity there for me to make plays on the offensive side of the ball.

Were you happy at cornerback?
Oh yes, I was very happy. I was the starting cornerback. But with thin depth, they were looking for playmakers there (at wide receiver), so I thought we not try to help the team there.

Was it suggested to you to move or was this all your decision?
It was a little of both, I had some coaches put a bug in my ear. They let me know I looked good in wide receiver drills. I took that to heart and said why not.

I went two-way last spring and caught a 60-yard pass from Luck in the spring game, so I am very familiar with that side of the ball, going all the way back to high school.

You had the injury bug the last two years, it must feel good to be healthy and playing anywhere
Yeah, definitely. You cant control when you get hurt, and when you are healthy you just want to stay there and contribute and make plays. That is why we train so hard in the off-season is to play in the season, so anytime you get hurt in the season it is definitely a real bummer.

Describe yourself as a receiver, what do you think you bring to the table
I try to be versatile, whether it is running short routes, getting in and out of the break. Whether it is running screen and making yardage after the catch. Or running the deep routes. I like to be very versatile and help the offense in any way.

What will you be working on this last week as the season approaches, the playbook, timing?
It will be a combination of things. You always need to stay atop of the playbook, it definitely helps you play faster. And working with the quarterbacks always helps, so we all need to do that as much as possible.

In what ways will being an ex-cornerback help you as a wide receiver?
It definitely helps tremendously. Being a corner I know what I am trying to stop a wide receiver from doing, being a wideout I can do the opposite of what those guys are trying to do.

Levine Toilolo

Coach Harbaugh said you were the starter at tight end, is that a surprise, how do you feel?
This whole off-season, from spring ball on it has been a tight competiton among all the tight ends. We have all gotten a lot or reps. And, yeah if I am leading I know all the other tight ends aren't far behind. I think they are all doing great

What have you improved on from spring?
I've been working on trying to get me leverage low, and just my mental game as well. Really trying to know all the concepts, knowing not just my route but knowing if I am hot, if they are bringing blitzes. Knowing all the different protections. That has been one of the big things for me, the mental game. Knowing your assignment completely helps with you confidence during the play and going full speed knowing you are doing the right thing.

Did the redshirt year last year help you get into the playbook more, almost a blessing in disguise
Yeah, exactly. I wasn't ready physically or mentally. So to get in there and get coached up by the veterans and get instruction from by the coaches was great. And having this whole off-season of getting into the playbook helped as well.

What kind of things are you hoping to work on this next week?
Blocking, even during the season, that is something I can work on. Also working on building trust with the quarterback and the coaches. Try to come out here every day, every practice and do things the right way. Get the job done so the coaches have that trust in me perform whenever called on. And so the quarterback can trust me in those clutch moments to make plays.

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