August 17, 2010

Video: Tyler Brosius at Meet the Pack Day

The NC State Wolfpack is pretty loaded at quarterback with former All-ACC signal caller Russell Wilson and four-star recruit Mike Glennon on the roster. However, they still nabbed one of the top prep gun slingers in the state last year when they received a commitment from rookie Tyler Brosius. The football and baseball standout from Waynesville (NC) Tuscola is slowly getting acclimated to the Pack offense as the 2010 season approaches.

Brosius, who stands 6-3 and weighs 233 pounds, was ranked as the No. 20 overall player in the state as a senior while regarded him as the country's No. 30 pro style quarterback. The Wolfpacker spoke with Brosius about his adjustment from high school to college and working with the Pack's loaded aerial attack this summer at the school's annual Meet the Pack Day, which was held on Aug. 14.

As a freshman, how were things coming in? Were they what you expected?

It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but it's shaky. It's different for sure. You just got to take it one day at a time.

Tell me about the speed of the game, is it different?

Yeah, my head is spinning at all time. The offense is all new, there's a lot of speed on the field. The DBs are all 4.4 guys instead of 4.7 guys, that's a huge difference.

How has it been working with the other guys at QB?

Dan, Mike and Russell help me out big time, they kind of keep me moving along. I'm like a little duckling following those guys around but it's a learning experience, that's for sure.

How about the climb earlier during picture day?

Golly, I about fell, it was different, I've never done anything like that before but it was good being around the guys.

What are you goals this season?

Learn the offense, that's the first thing. Make the traveling team.

Coming from the Western part of the state, give me a quote for the hometown people?

I just miss it. I miss home but I'm trying to do some big things here.

Anything that you want to add?

That's it, it's just different, my head is spinning.

Why number 12?

This is what I wore in high school. My freshman year in high school, they threw me on the team to take stats on the sideline, because I was a quarterback they wanted to bring me up, and that's what they threw me. The coach was like, 'this is what I wore in high school.' I wore it my freshman year, played the last game of the season, and it just stuck from there on out. They'd ask, 'do you want a different number this year?' I just stuck with 12. I was hoping I would get it here and I did.

Can you talk about working with the loaded wide receiving corps at NC State?

Oh man, that is a new learning experience, just adjusting to their speed. They are great guys to be around, awesome guys to talk to, they're funny, they take you under their wing, they are some great guys.

What has been the most difficult part of the transition from high school for you?

Speed and the offense. There's just a lot of stuff being thrown at you. Coach Bible did a great job of telling me, 'you don't have to learn everything in one day. Just take three things from one practice and take it to the next practice.' Slowly, it's getting better; it's a lot better than it was.

What kind of offense did you run in high school and are there any similarities with the offense you are operating now?

We ran a pro-style offense in high school, a lot like here. There was a lot out of the gun and a lot under center, a big mix but it's great, it fits me perfect.

Can you talk about how the scrimmages have been going and if you've been getting much playing time?

Ones and twos go first and they do their thing for a little bit then the threes come in, we just do five to ten plays. Me and Dan are switching off [with the threes].

What wide receivers have you been working with?

It will be some one guys and twos, it's a big mix.

Are you still planning on playing baseball?

I don't know yet. I would love to, I just have to talk to Coach O'Brien about that. I've just kept it low key, I just want to respect the guys who gave me the scholarship first. Baseball wants me to come out and try out and take some practice and stuff like that but I'm going to respect the guys that gave me the scholarship first.

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