August 9, 2010

Pryor talks knee, last year's injury

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor never really discussed just how injured he was in 2009. Until now.

"When I injured the knee earlier against New Mexico State, there was a lot of pain," Pryor said Sunday at Ohio State's photo day. "I couldn't run very much. There were a couple games where I couldn't run because every time I cut it felt again like my leg would just give. There were some throws I couldn't make off the run. It limited me in a way."

Pryor continued to use a brace on his left knee on Sunday during the beginning stages of fall camp, something that will be used throughout the fall and into the season for precautionary reasons.

The junior had off-season knee surgery to repair the torn PCL, but wasn't limited during the course of spring football. The surgery for torn PCLs isn't always necessary, but Pryor felt it was the best option for his recovery.

After discussing his options with head coach Jim Tressel and team doctor Chris Kaeding during the offseason, Pryor said they opted to have his knee operated on in order to fix the issue because they had plenty of time to allow it to heal.

But before the surgery, Pryor played the remainder of the season in significant pain. More pain than Pryor let on while games last season continued to be played.

"There was a lot of pain, tearing a PCL. It is nothing devastating that could hold you back from not playing, but there was nothing holding me back anyway," Pryor said. "I was going to try and be in the game regardless.

"It hurt pretty good and it was sore," he continued. "There were times I had to take pills and stuff like that just to take some pain away before I stepped onto the field. I was here for the seniors and trying to get wins."

Pryor now enters a season full of expectations and was named the Preseason Offensive Player of the Year at Big Ten Media Days early last week. The Buckeyes were also picked as the favorites to win the conference.

This season Pryor feels as if he is poised for a big season, which seems to be the popular opinion given his name has surfaced on a multitude of different preseason Heisman Trophy contenders lists.

Pryor said he has grown off the field and on it, and fully understands what it takes to win games. But most importantly, Pryor is completely healthy for the first time in a while.

"Last year I was kind of confused with some of the offense and was also trying to learn some of the defense. Now we can finally get it together. I am not saying I am perfect and I know everything, but I know I can hold my own in the meeting room with my coach."

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