May 11, 2010

Levingston's stock is rising

While the players at SMU finish up with their finals and start to head home for a couple of months of summer the Mustangs coaches are currently spread out across the country on recruiting trips. One player who got a visit yesterday was California offensive lineman Dontae Levingston.

"Coach Klemm was here today to watch practice," said Levingston. "After practice we talked on the phone for a while. We were just talking about all of the stuff that I did in practice and we talked about the SMU camp this summer and he told me that he wants me to go."

While it is not every day that offensive line coah Adrian Klemm makes a visit to Levinston's school, the two have built quite the relationship over the past couple of months by either talking on the phone on thru e-mail.

"I try to at least talk to him once a week, maybe twice a week. He will e-mail me or send me a letter a lot of the time. Every time I get something from SMU I try and call him. I probably talk to him the most out of any coach. He is just someone that I have been able to connect with."

Klemm has not be the only coach to visit Levingston this spring however, the 6-foot-5, 279-pound offensive lineman has been getting a lot of looks so far this spring. Levingston has been visited by about 10 schools including Arizona, Arizona State, Oregon and Utah. And all of those looks are starting to translate into offers.

"Right now I have offers from San Diego State, New Mexico, Wyoming, SMU and Nevada. Oregon has been talking about offering me. Arizona and Arizona State have both told me they were going to offer me but neither or those are official yet."

With the new found attention being given to Levingston is still high on SMU, but he is not prepared to rank the schools in any order what so ever.

"Right now, the ranking is up in the air. I mean I really like SMU. But right now, everybody is my favorite. I have not made any decisions and I am not going to until the end of the process."

Still, it seems that SMU still holds a special place in the mind of Levingston.

"SMU was my first offer so it is like they goot my attention first. The environment is really nice and the education wise it can't hardly be beat. It does means a lot to me that they were my first offer."

Early in his recruitment Levingston was someone who wanted to commit early but will all of the attention and some advice from his parents, the Harbor City native is willing to wait this one out now it seems.

"My final decision also goes with my parents. So whatever my choice is my parents will give their approval. Right now they are just telling me to keep my eyes open and ot commit anywhere because there might be some better places coming around."

It also may have been his parents that have kept Levingston from already committing to a school.

"I have not even come close to committing because every time I think of a school and think I might want to my parents will tell me to think it out and not do anything yet."
Even with that, the relationship between Levingston and Klemm can't be ignored as that is a big factor in the final decision for Levingston.

"It is real important to have a good relationship with the coaches. If you can't connect with the coaches then you may have a lot of issues with the coaches. You really have to get along with the coaches and the other players on the team before anything."

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