April 29, 2010

Richt says no timetable for Gray

Georgia coach Mark Richt touched on a number of subjects during Thursday's SEC teleconference, including Logan Gray whose future with the team remains up in the air.

The quarterback met with Richt last Monday to discuss his status with the Bulldog program following the release of last week's depth chart which shows Aaron Murray atop the list.

So far, no decision has been made, but a position switch is possible if he decides to stay.

"He wants to play but right now he's not sure that he can," Richt said. "I thought I made it real crystal clear that although we had a position depth chart, that did not mean we had a starter at any position, including quarterback. But when he ended up No. 2 behind Murray, I'm sure that's what triggered it.
"So he's trying to decide what he wants to do, whether he wants to stay here and, if he stays, what position he wants to play and all that kind of stuff. If he wants to be at Georgia, then I'll work with him on what position he plays."

Richt said there's no timetable for Gray's decision.

The Bulldog coach also expressed regret that the Gray situation became a public matter.

"This type of thing happens more times than anybody knows, and it doesn't become a public issue. But I guess nowadays with the Internet and the way word spreads somebody caught wind that he had come to see me discussing what to do," Richt said. "Usually, those things are done in private where you have a chance to think about it without getting hammered on it and wondering what everybody's opinion is."

Richt answered questions regarding several other topics as well.

Regarding offensive lineman Trinton Sturdivant who missed his second season with a torn ACL, Richt said he expects the North Carolina native to begin preseason drills.

"Trinton will be ready for preseason," Richt said. "It's just going to be a matter of him getting back and doing it again. Of course, it could take some time and we may not give him every single rep just to make sure he's healthy, because that's the most important thing - we want him healthy."

During his 10-minute turn on the teleconference that featured the SEC's other 11 head coaches, Richt praised the addition of new defensive coordinator Todd Grantham, although he dismissed the notion by one out-of-state reporter that the Bulldogs' defense might be lacking from a depth perspective, particularly along the interior.

"We lost some good players, and yes, we are starting from scratch as far as the scheme and learning a new language," Richt said. "But personnel-wise, we've got some good players still and some other guys we're counting on to step up, learn their roles and play them well. We're brand new with a lot of things but we've still got a bunch of good players."

In other news, Richt did not rule out using A.J. Green on either the punt or kickoff return team.

He also spoke more of the Bulldogs' recruiting strategy this spring.

Wednesday night, Georgia's sports information department released a story addressing Richt's strategy for canvassing the state during the current evaluation period for recruits that runs through the end of May.

Thursday, he was asked by UGASports whether or not this represented a change in philosophy from seasons past.

"I think you always want to recruit Georgia first, and we wanted to hammer the state en-masse," Richt said. "I'm not saying there won't be one or two days where we don't go out of state, but we're going to stay in Georgia. Again, I'm not saying we won't, but when we do go out of state, that player had better be special."

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