March 23, 2010

Defensive tackle talks offers

Booker T. Washington defensive tackle Elkino Watson has started to see offers creep in over the past several weeks. The 6-foot-2, 265-pounder has offers from FIU, UCF, Georgia Tech, and Duke.
"The latest school to offer was FIU," said Watson. "That came in last week, Thursday."

Watson then went on to break down each school that has offered him.

FIU: "FIU is the hometown school so I know a couple guys from Booker T. that go to FIU. The defensive coordinator at FIU is a good coach, so I really look forward to visiting FIU. I'm supposed to one of their spring practices this week or next week."

UCF: "UCF I don't know too much about, but I'm supposed to go up there for their junior day April 2nd."

Georgia Tech: "I know Georgia Tech. I like their defense, they way they run a four man front. That will give me a chance to get on the field, and they got a lot of seniors on the field."

Duke: "I know Duke is known more for basketball, so I got to look more into Duke."

Watson says a timeline for his decision will not occur until he sits down and meets with his parents and coaches. Until then, the athletic big man has an idea of what he is looking for in a program.

"Well first I'm looking on the team where I fall in line, how many seniors are leaving," said Watson. "More importantly how many are D-tackles. I want to come in and play hopefully my freshman year of college. I look for a good weight room program, a good school as far education, and good coaches."

Watson will be participating in the NIKE Combine this coming Saturday and is hoping to improve his numbers from a previous combine.

"I hope to come out there and impress some more scouts, run a better 40, a better shuttle, just improve overall"

Booker T. Washington, along with Watson, will face Monsignor Pace in a spring game in May

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