January 23, 2010

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of BC / Virginia Tech

The Eagles let a certain win slip away in the waning moments down in Blacksburg. With the Eagles up 62-61 with 22 seconds to play, 62-61, Biko Paris got trapped under the basket on an inbound pass, didn't call timeout, gets triple teamed and tied up for a jump ball which went back to the Hokies.

In a game where BC shot 55 percent from the floor, and only missed one free throw, it came down to the final few possessions before they choked this game away.

On to the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of this 63-62 BC loss.


Dallas Elmore's outstanding play

Dallas Elmore came to play Saturday against the Hokies, as he led the Eagles in minutes, scored 10 points, and hampered Malcolm Delaney's offense in the second half.

Elmore's success can be attributed to his fundamental play, where he was following his own misses, pump faking defenders which led to easy buckets, and driving strong to the basket.

Dallas was just as impressive on the defensive end, where he had a block from behind on Jeff Allen, drew an offensive foul, and played swarming perimeter defense on Delaney.

Shutting down Delaney and Allen

BC could not have drawn up a better game plan to stop Jeff Allen and Malcolm Delaney, as they held them to nine points under their season average collectively. Al Skinner made sure that Allen was fronted in the post, and the wing defenders came to help double down on him when he did get the ball in the post. This plan was executed flawlessly, and was the key to keeping the Eagles in the game.

Reggie Jackson's Instant Offense

I'm not sure what Joe Trapani was doing on the final possession, as he ran along side Reggie Jackson and then Jackson dribbled it off Trapani's foot to end the game without a shot.

That being said, it was Reggie being Reggie as the game wound down. He hit a step back three with a hand in his face, had a nice driving layup as he brought the ball down the floor and blew by his defender, and sealed his man on the block for an easy bucket down the stretch. In a game where Trapani battled foul trouble, Jackson led the Eagles in scoring, getting 15 points, and only missing one shot from the field.


Transition Defense in first half

Ball-you-man is how they teach it. Getting between your man and the ball when running back on defense is as fundamental as it gets. The Eagles, however, were not stopping the dribble in transition, were not matching up with their man, and the result was some easy layups and wide open threes for the Hokies in the first half.

Spotty officiating

I'm a firm believer that the NCAA should put the charge circle in the paint like they do in the NBA. Dallas Elmore got called for a questionable offensive foul where the defender was jumping into him under the basket, then Elmore got called for a block where Delaney clearly lowered his shoulder with 22 seconds left. Delaney then drained both free throws and both calls resulted in a four-point swing for the Hokies.


From Paris Without Love

Biko Paris was playing in a dream world Saturday. He was leaving his feet to pass the ball, got called for an offensive foul on an illegal screen, and had five turnovers on the day.

He saved his worst for last, as with the Eagles up one with 22 seconds left to play, Trapani unbounded the ball to Paris under his own basket. He was immediately surrounded by three Hokie defenders, and couldn't call timeout - the result was a jump ball that went back to the Hokies - which they then turned into the game-winning basket.

The Eagles had four timeouts left, and it was an inexcusable mistake that a freshman would make. This play was the difference between winning and losing today.

Horrible Turnovers

After only turning the ball over 5 times against Miami, the Eagles had 21 against the Hokies, with 11 coming in the first half. Sanders and Paris were throwing short, sloppy bounce passes at the feet of the big men, and the Hokies had 16 points off turnovers in the first half alone.

Reggie Jackson was also a prime suspect with five turnovers, as the Hokies were trapping him at half court as he came off of the ball screens, then rotating their defense up to take away the passing lanes.

In a game where the Eagles solved their shooting woes, it was their ball handling and poise that let them down. They shut down the ACC's leading scorer, but at the end of the day, BC doesn't have anything to show for it.

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