January 23, 2010

Belue talks UA visit

"My host for the visit was Dre Kirkpatrick and he introduced me to a lot of the other players. They are all really cool guys that seem like they'll be fun to be teammates with. We had a great time."

"Going to the championship celebration was really exciting for me. The whole time I just kept thinking that it could be me out there a year from now. I really believe that we can do it again next year and I want to do everything I can to help it happen. The fans were outrageous. It was an ugly day but they still packed the place out and they were going crazy for the team."

"Coach Saban and I have talked a lot already and it's usually about things like what my role could be with the team or what I need to do to get ready to come in and compete. This time though we really just kind of sat down and talked about everything going on in my life in general. He wanted to get to know me and learn about what kind of guy I am. Coach Saban doesn't just worry about coaching football. He really is interested in helping every player succeed in life."

"I'm going to play wherever I'm needed the most but right now I think the plan is for me to come in and compete to play cornerback as well as kick and punt returner."

"To have success like Javy had, you have to really have a feel for the game. He wasn't a great returner because he was faster or stronger than anyone else. It was because he just had a feel for the game like nobody else. I will have to come in and try to adjust to the speed of college players and hopefully with enough work and practice I can get a feel for the game like he had."

"This was it for me as far as recruiting goes. My mom came with me and she has been sold on Alabama from the beginning. I also had some of my other family members with me on the visit and they were all just blown away by what they saw. They finally understood what I had been telling them when I talked to them about Alabama."

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