October 27, 2009

Practice Insider: Barkley does it again

Matt Barkley knows his words have gotten him in trouble. He told the Ohio State fans to "bring it on." He said that Cal wouldn't be as loud as Ohio State.

But something inside of him, confidence probably, won't allow him to keep his mouth shut when talking about the crowd noise he's expecting at Oregon Saturday night.

He's been in this position before, so he's not sweating it.

"It definitely helps with knowing what kind of crowds you're going to face and the crowd noise and the atmosphere and the energy," Barkley said. "You kind of know what to expect. I don't think I need any preparation in knowing what we're going to face because we're just going to focus on ourselves and what we do. I think that'll be good enough to win."

But here's where it gets interesting. Barkley likes it when the crowd gets riled up

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