October 12, 2009

Series by series: UW defense against OSU

For the Wisconsin defense, holding Terrelle Pryor and the rest of the Ohio State defense to only 10 points was pretty commendable. However, bad turnovers on the offense's part and poor special teams play doomed the Badgers in Saturday's 31-13 loss.

Before heading further into the week, BadgerBlitz.com takes a look back at every defensive series from Saturday's loss. The following is a series-by-series recap of the game at Ohio State.

First Quarter:

Defensive series No. 1: Started on OSU 23 yard line following opening kickoff.
Plays: 3
Yards given up: 9
Result: 47-yard Jon Thoma punt.

Key play: On third and 11, Pryor found Ray Small on the sideline. It looked as though Small could have easily got the first down yardage, but he stepped out too soon.

Defensive series No. 2: Started on OSU 19 yard line following 61-yard Brad Nortman punt.
Plays: 6
Yards given up: 11
Result: 40-yard Thoma punt.

Key play: On third and seven, O'Brien Schofield broke into the backfield and brought Pryor down. Even more impressively on the play, Schofield was being held, but still made the play.

Defensive series No. 3: Started on the OSU 22
Plays: 3
Yards given up: 4
Result: 34-yard Thoma punt.

Key play: Pryor tried to hit DeVier Posey in the seam, but Aaron Henry broke up the pass when he undercut the route.

Second Quarter:

Defensive series No. 4: Started on OSU 20 yard line following 41-yard Nortman punt.
Plays: 3
Yards given up: 0
Result: Culmer St. Jean interception.

Key play: Pryor dropped back and tried to hit his receiver in the seam, but St. Jean jumped the route, intercepted the pass and brought the ball inside the Buckeyes 15 yard line.

Defensive series No. 5: Started on OSU 23 yard line following kickoff (7-7)
Plays: 3
Yards given up: 7
Result: 48-yard Thoma punt.

Key play: Pryor looked like he had a chance to get the first down, but freshman Mike Taylor brought him down about three yards shy of the sticks.

Defensive series No. 6: Started on OSU 12 following kickoff (10-7 Wisconsin)
Plays: 7
Yards given up: 88
Result: 32-yard Posey touchdown reception. (14-10)

Key play: To this point in the game, the UW defense was dominating the OSU offense. But, on the first play of the drive, Pryor started to his left on an option play and completely reversed fields and broke off a 27-yard run. The play jumpstarted the drive that would eventually end with Pryor's touchdown pass to Posey.

Third Quarter:

Defensive series No. 7: Started on Ohio State 20 yard line following missed field goal.
Plays: 9
Yards given up: 60
Result: 37-yard Aaron Pettrey field goal. (31-13 Ohio State)

Key play: On third and two, Schofield sacked Pryor for the second time in the game. However, OSU was still well within field goal range and Pettrey tacked on the points to extend the Buckeye lead to three scores.

Fourth Quarter:

Defensive series No. 8: Started on OSU 35 following 50-yard Nortman punt.
Plays: 3
Yards given up: -3
Result: 36-yard Thoma punt.

Key play: OSU was content just running the ball and milking the clock on the drive.

Defensive series No. 9: Started at OSU 18 following UW turnover on downs.
Plays: 3
Yards given up: -1
Result: 32-yard Thoma punt.

Key play: Again, OSU was happy milking the clock with its running game.

Defensive series No. 10: Started on Wisconsin 46 yard line following UW turnover on downs.
Plays: 1
Yards given up: -1
Result: End of game

Key play: Pryor took a knee and ended the game.

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