February 26, 2009

Auburn quarterback race wide open

Auburn will begin spring with four quarterbacks.

And all four will have an equal chance at winning the starting job according to offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach Gus Malzahn.

"It's going to be wide open," Malzahn said. "We're coming into this thing new and everybody's starting new, and they're going to have to earn it.

"I think anytime you're putting in a new system and new coaches at every position, that needs to happen."

While junior Kodi Burns, who ended last season as the starter, senior Chris Todd, junior Neil Caudle and redshirt freshman Barrett Trotter will get equal reps to begin spring, Malzahn hopes to narrow things down fairly quickly.

Last year, Auburn didn't settle on a starting quarterback until halfway through the season. Malzahn would like to have a starter picked by the end of spring.

"As soon as possible, and I can't tell you exactly when that is, but we definitely want to narrow it down," Malzahn said. "Obviously at the end of spring you'd like to have a guy that can go in the summer and here's our guy and he's going to work with the timing of the ones and all that, but that's hard.

"Ideally that would be the best case scenario, but at the same time you've got to have somebody that earns it, that separates himself from the rest of them. So we'll just have to see."

Malzahn said he's not interested in a two-quarterback system and is looking for one guy to step up and seize the position. He's watched clips of all the quarterbacks from last season.

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