October 13, 2012

New identities, new problems

OXFORD, Miss. -- There is no way to explain the things we're seeing on the field from Auburn.

They can't do it. I can't do it. You can't do it.

It's a situation that defies explanation. A championship program that put a premium on recruiting loads up with talent, wins 14 games in 2010, wins eight games in 2011 and on Saturday lost by three touchdowns to Ole Miss to fall to 1-5.

Things like that don't happen very often. Anywhere.

At Auburn, of course, it's unacceptable.

This program has fielded some poor teams in the past. The 2008 team was a mess, sure, but it had a solid defense. You'll have to go back to 1998 to find an Auburn team that began the season 1-5, but that group didn't have much in common with this one.

This current team has talent. Plenty. Coaches have spent years coaxing top players away from championship-caliber programs to sign with Auburn, which creates serious expectations.

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