October 8, 2012

Monday Morning Quarterback

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Monday Morning QB

Arkansas 24 Auburn 7

AuburnSports.com's Monday Morning Quarterback will be out each Monday during the season. This week, several former Auburn players give their thoughts and opinions on the Tigers' loss to Arkansas.


Former Auburn quarterback Ben Leard

On the game…

"Offensively, Auburn just isn't consistent right now. They'll show glimpses, a big run here, a third-down conversion there, but then they'll give up a sack or a negative play. I think the overwhelming word right now is inconsistency.

"For the first several weeks of the season, I was very optimistic about the production from everyone other than the quarterback because the other kids seemed to have been playing relatively well, but Saturday it was everyone. The offensive line at times didn't protect well. There were miscommunications in the passing game. The turnovers killed them. Two interceptions in the end zone were crucial. Mike Blakely had another fumble at a crucial time that led to points for Arkansas. Auburn, at this point, is not a good enough football team to overcome those adversities."

On the quarterbacks…

"I honestly can't tell you which player, Kiehl Frazier or Clint Moseley, played better. Kiehl was 9-of-14 for 118 yards in the first half, but he was sacked four times, and a few of those sacks were on him. He was holding the ball too long and not using his God-given abilities, tucking the ball and running with it.

"Clint, he looked comfortable at times, but there were also times when he looked overwhelmed. In the fourth quarter, he was fairly productive throwing the touchdown to Emory Blake. But on the flipside, the two interceptions were poorly thrown footballs."

Running Backs

More from Leard

On the running game …

"When you look at the pressure that Arkansas put on Auburn's running game, I thought Auburn ran it fairly well. Arkansas was going to do everything they could to make Auburn throw the football. If you take away the sack yardage, Auburn had some success...kept Auburn in the game, but as soon as we make it a 10-7 game, we let them come right back down and score instead of stiffening our neck and getting another stop when we have the momentum. We let them go right back up two scores, that's frustrating."

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