November 22, 2011

Terry happy to be back

Goose Creek 2013 target Tramel Terry was in Athens for the Auburn game, which was his first trip back since reopening his recruitment in September.

Terry said going back on his verbal he had given on Dawg night this summer had nothing to do with changed feelings toward the Bulldog program, but rather he felt like he was just being realistic about where he stood the whole time. He said he did really like Georgia, and still does, and was happy to get to be back and get to see a game between the hedges.

"It was real good to be up there. It felt like it did when I was up there at Dawg night, I really like it up there," Terry said. "But right now I'm just taking my time, looking at a lot of places because I still got time. And even though I decommitted, I didn't want to commit to Georgia when I wasn't 100 percent, if that makes sense. It didn't mean I didn't like Georgia anymore, it just meant I had my mind on a lot of things because I still have time."

One of the highlights was getting to see his fellow Dawg night commits, Derrick Henry and John Theus, who he spent time with, hanging out throughout the day.

"It was really good getting back with them boys, because I haven't really seen them since the summer. We were just kicking and stuff, having fun," Terry said. "We were just talking about the season and stuff like that."

Terry said he was also able to catch up with everyone on the UGA coaching staff, reconnecting with them and hearing from them that he's still a wanted man.

"I talked with pretty much everyone: Coach (Mark) Richt, coach (John) Lily, coach (Mike) Bobo, all of them really," Terry said. "They were just asking how my season was going and saying they could really use me at Georgia."

The explosive offense and stout defense were both equally impressive to Terry, who said he enjoyed the game and the atmosphere Sanford provided for the heated rivalry game.

"It was pretty fun. The Dawgs dominated really well, so it was good to see," Terry said. "It was a really good atmosphere and it was good for me to get to my first game back to see what Georgia games were really about."

With the Dawgs clinching the SEC East this past Saturday, Terry said it was good for the program, but he was going to be happy either way given that his two top schools were in the race for the title.

"It was pretty cool. It was going to come down to them or South Carolina, so it was pretty cool. Doesn't matter to me, because both those schools are in my top two," Terry said. "But I am happy for them."

Terry said that he will just be taking time through the rest of his recruitment, and while he probably won't be making it to any more games in what is left of the season, he said he thinks come spring he might go to Nike The Opening camp in Oregon. He said he has no other steadfast plans otherwise, and will just take things as they come.

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