September 20, 2011

Breakdown: Ole Miss Offense

Offensive Personnel


The Rebels are led by a pair of Junior College Transfers in Zack Stoudt and Randall Mackey. Stoudt is a prototypical drop back passer while Mackey is their "change of pace" QB that can create yards with his legs.

Stoudt has a very strong arm and has great size at 6-foot-5 220 pounds. Stoudt struggles a great deal in his decision-making and had a hard time adjusting to SEC speed last Saturday against Vanderbilt. Stoudt threw five interceptions and could have easily thrown two more but they were either dropped or his receiver bailed him out. Stoudt is also a statue in the pocket and has trouble throwing the ball on the run.

Mackey has been used sparingly and has shown little ability to hurt opposing defenses with his arm. He can, however, keep defenses honest with his legs and the defense will have to keep tabs on him to prevent the big play.

Running Back

Brandon Bolden and Enrique Davis are well known in SEC circles as talented and physical runners. Ole Miss fans had high expectations for the pair coming into the season, but they have done little to live up to the hype.

The duo got the lion's share of carries against BYU in the first game of the year, but injuries have slowed them since and thus opening the door for sophomore scat back Jeff Scott.

Scott is a small back with great quickness but runs with almost zero power. He torched Southern Illinois in week two with 118 yards and three touchdowns, but he struggled mightily against Vanderbilt last week with only 43 yards. Scott's main downfall is the fact that he goes down easily when met with solid contact. Davis has not carried the ball since week one against BYU and his status is unknown for the game against UGA.


The Rebels have a group of wide receivers that are big and athletic but they are also raw and inexperienced. They will consistently play three true freshmen and a sophomore.

Donte Moncrief, at 6-foot-2, 212 pounds is the biggest and fastest of the bunch and he had their lone touchdown against Vanderbilt. Sophomore James Logan is their possession/underneath receiver that has been Stoudt's favorite target thus far in 2011.

True freshman Nick Brassell is one of their smaller receivers but he is a burner. The Rebels like to use him in the running game on the "Jet Sweep" and in the screen game.

Tight End

Ferbia Allen is another big target for Stoudt as he has caught a pass in every game and is a big third down threat for head coach Houston Nutt.

Offensive Line

This is a group of enormous bodies that averages 6-foot-5 310 pounds. Bobby Massie is a name that most UGA fans are familiar with as they recruited him as a high school player and as a prep school player before he decided to attend Ole Miss.

Despite their size, this group has struggled a great deal. The reason is their lack of athleticism. They have plenty of experience and, again, plenty of size, but BYU and Vanderbilt them headaches with stunts and blitzing linebackers. The Ole Miss front five failed to adjust against either team and it is the main reason that they are one of the worst offenses in the country in 2011.Overall:

1st Down - Ole Miss loves to run the ball on this down or throw it short. Coach Nutt understands that they must stay ahead of the chains to be successful.

2nd down - Through three games this year, the Rebels only have one second down tendency, the play action pass. If they can gain any yardage on first down, the Ole Miss offense will attempt a play action pass 78% of the time.

3rd down

• Long (7+ yards) - This is their Draw down. The Rebels run what is commonly called a "Smoke Draw" where the RB sets up in pass protection and the Quarterback will sprint to him and hand it off.

• Medium (4-7 yards) - Coach Nutt and Offensive Coordinator David Lee like to get the ball out of the quarterback's hands as quickly as possible on third and medium. They will either go with a three step drop or a quick screen 66% of the time on this down and distance.

• Short (under 4 yards) - The Rebels have two tendencies on this down. If they choose to run for the first down, they will run power off tackle or outside zone almost 85 percent of the time. They do it to the strong side just over 90% of the time as well. When Ole Miss goes to the air on third and short, they will move the pocket. The Rebels will go play action boot or straight sprint out pass 53% of the time when they choose to pass.

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