December 16, 2009

Matthews recaps season, updates recruiting

"We went undefeated during the regular season, and actually went undefeated at home this season for the first time, which was great, but we did lose in the third round against the defending state champion Leeds. It was heartbreaking.

"It was still a good season, our 13-game winning streak was actually the longest in the state of Alabama at one time this year, so that was a big accomplishment. It was the most wins in our program's history and it was just great to play with my teammates and have such a great year."

"I think I had a good season, I helped out in other areas just than offense. I thought my defense got a lot better, I actually ended up with eight interceptions, so that helped out our team. I also helped out on special teams, and I was proud about that. I've mostly played on the offensive side and that's it before, but this year I was able to help the team out in other areas."

vandy offer

"They offered me about week nine of my high school season and I was very happy to get that first offer, it helped take a load off. Vanderbilt's coaches are being patient with me and they are supportive of letting me figure things out and get my basketball stuff put away, they are not pressuring me, so I appreciate that. It's a real good school and I think I would fit in there very well and I like Coach Johnson and Coach Caldwell, my recruiting coach and they are definitely a team I can see myself playing for.

"I was able to take a few unofficial visits to Mississippi State and Auburn a few weeks ago, for the Egg Bowl and the Iron Bowl. It was good to go out and see those games because they happened right after we got put out of the playoffs, so seeing those games helped me get my mind off of our season ending loss. They are both good schools and teams and coaches, so I'm interested and can see myself going to those schools as well."


"I have set up an official visit with Mississippi State on the day of January 15th and then later that night, I will have my official visit to Vanderbilt, which will run through the 15th, 16th and 17th. Auburn has just started to come on and show more interest, but I haven't set up anything with them. My main for recruiting coordinator for Mississippi State was Carl Torbush, and he was showing a lot of interest but I do know that he's friends with Turner Gill and I'm not sure if Coach Torbush is going to go with him to Kansas or not."


"Coach Bobby Johnson and Coach Caldwell came to my house a few weeks ago for an in-home. Then Coach Fisher came by my school the next week. I've been able to talk with him as well. I know that Coach Caldwell plans to come by on Friday to see one of my basketball games too.

"They've discussed the school with me as well as the possibility of where I fit in, with their offense. They think I can really fit in with their no huddle system and I know that I can fit in. When I make a decision, and if they end up being the place I go, I don't know about what immediate playing time will be like, but I know that the coaches think I would have the chance to contribute early because of my ability to fit their system."

commit plans

"I'm not sure when I'll commit, probably around the end of January because then I would've been able to take all of my visits I believe. Some other smaller schools have been involved too, but the main three I'm looking at are Vanderbilt, Mississippi State and Auburn.

what will it come down to.

"Academics are the most important with me, first and foremost [when deciding]. Then after that, the relationship with the coaches. All of these coaches I've met have been real good men, who I can see myself playing for. So that will be there. Also, I guess which will make me better and compete in the SEC. I definitely want to play in the SEC, that's a goal of mine, and these teams can help me do that."

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